Easton Mako 2


The original MAKO was designed to help players in tight spots to enhance the concept of quick hands and speed to get the shot off. This next generation MAKO does all that but with a renewed focus on a more responsive and accurate shot as well. Easton has delivered with a redesigned MAKO II line of sticks that are lighter and more well balanced.

Easton uses what they call uni-carbon construction for the shaft. These are uni-directional layers of carbon fibers that provide more strength, greater energy transfer and less weight. The shaft geometry for the senior size is square corners with slightly concave walls, which also happens to be very popular among Easton's pro players. In addition to the control you get from this geometry, Easton has added a nice texture to the shaft. The MAKO II is available in a nice matte finish or with the Grip finish.

A look at the transition from shaft to blade shows us a very gradual taper which ultimately leads to the low kick point.

Since blade durability and responsiveness were a main area of focus for Easton, they drew on the re-engineering of the RSII blade and essentially use that construction on this Mako II stick. It uses a multi-rib construction through its micro-bladder process. Basically, this means that there are 3 structural ribs that run the length of the blade with a combination of a bladder and 4 foam core inserts between the ribs. This provides a more durable core to wall bond as well as dampening for a great feel. You will also notice the non-skid coating on the blade, which feels a little bit like a coarse grit sandpaper. If you only tape a portion of the blade, you'll still get some grip on the puck and if you are someone who tapes your stick very often the tape comes off much easier that it would from a smooth gloss surface. Lastly, with regards to blades, if you're looking to try a different pattern, the E28 is the fastest growing pattern for elite players. It is an open toe style and was specifically engineered with a double lie that allows you to catch a pass with the heel and shoot the puck off the toe. This design is meant to improve accuracy and puck control and to maximize load and release.

If it's quick hands and speed combined with responsiveness and accuracy that you are looking for in a stick, check out the MAKO II from Easton