Easton Mako M1 2


If you were a fan of the first generation MAKO M1, then you're probably going to like this one even more. Easton's main goal was to still have a stick that enhanced the concept of quick hands and speed to get the shot off, but with increased responsiveness and shot accuracy. This second generation MAKO M1 is just that plus it's lighter than its predecessor.

The shaft geometry has contoured corners with slightly concave walls for a nice feel. The MAKO M1 II is only available in a nice matte finish.

There is noticeable taper as you transition from shaft to blade, which is responsible for the mid-taper kick point.

The blade on this stick has some similar properties in construction to the blades used on the higher end MAKO sticks. It uses a multi-rib construction, which basically means that there are 3 structural ribs that run the length of the blade with 4 foam core inserts between the ribs. This provides a more durable core to wall bond as well as dampening for a great feel. A 6K woven carbon is used to wrap the blade.

You'll find great value in this lighter version of the MAKO M1, with significant improvements in blade performance.