Easton Mako M5


The M5 stick is an exception in the Mako series, because it's primary focus is to be a high performance stick with incredible strength. In fact, it's the only stick strong enough to knock Easton's ST stick out of the lineup. Easton has designed their Mako line of sticks to be very well balanced and you'll feel that even in the more robust Mako M5. In addition to being so well-balanced, the Mid-taper kick point provides a great combination of power and accuracy.

Easton's insight studies with goaltenders is what led them to the predominantly white look of the series, because some of the goalies claimed that the white stick blended in with the ice and boards making it more difficult to see the release of the puck from the shooter.

Easton uses a proprietary textured woven KevlarŪ wrap on the outermost layer of the shaft, the properties of which give you two benefits: improved feel by dampening vibrations and improved durability from impacts such as slashes and shots. What makes it so strong? In addition to the KevlarŪ wrap the MAKO M5 has a thicker walled shaft made of graphite and its geometry has square corners with slightly concave walls. This shaft geometry is very popular among Easton's pro players, and it allows you to get a nice secure grip of your stick.

The MAKO M5 is available in either a nice matte finish or with the Grip finish. It has a very consistent taper that is nice and thin, which creates that mid-taper kick point providing you with a great combination of power and accuracy. Easton uses a 3-rib construction through an RTM process. Basically, this means that there are 3 structural ribs that run the length of the blade with foam cores in between. RTM means Resin Transfer Molding which gives you a higher percentage of resin in the blade providing great feel and dampening as well as improved durability. The braided fiber wrap of the blade adds to the durability and overall stiffness.

High performance and strength come together in the MAKO M5 stick from Easton. It's worth checking out